I was tasked with creating an E-Commerce shop for one of the biggest baloon chains in Lithuania. The site was based of a given design. Here the biggest challenge was keeping everything consistent due to the sheer amount of pages needed. To tackle this I used SCSS and compiled it with a Laravel Mix.
To see this project live go to:

I'm really happy how this part turned out. Most of the baloons here are with parallax effect. I programmed this effect using vanilla JS and no libraries.

Here you can see two different gifs. I decided to use gifs instead of other format mainly due to loading speed. Note that all of the text here and other pages is fully editible through customizer panel.

This is the footer section. Everything here can be edited by a future admin through the customizer menu.

This is my second favourite part of the site. On menu click the menu slides from the right side. On menu item hover the background changes. As you wait the yellow ball changes it's size.

This is the WooCommerce plugin theme with added functionality such as variable products with color and size.